Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yo, u see am on roll..!!!

all these days I have been trying to give a proper name and look to my blog.. this search took me to some good sites dedicated to the skins for blogs and websites.. n i must confess tht i was totally addicted to the skins posted on Blogskins.. i rlly loved the work of some of the regular contributors here.. the most esteemed gift a contributor gets ovr here is the appreciation from other ppl and the SOTD (skin of the day) tag.. but i chose to settle down for this classic templete for time being..

ya, but why did i gave my first blog tht name..?? tht hello world.. u gess rite.. me being a software engg.. learnt all the languages with thes HELLO WORLD stuff..

well, hopefully i wode be posting more and more stuff in future..

till then chao..!!!