Friday, December 26, 2008

Movie Time: Ghajini

Merry Christmas World..!!! Hope this Christmas and New Year brings all the happiness to our homes and our world.. Lets pray the evils of terrorism gets destroyed for ever from our lives..


Two years back when I was watching telugu version of Ghajini, I just kept wondering how wonderful the movie would be in hindi starring the perfectionist Aamir. Now, yesterday when I saw our hero on big screen singing, dancing, and fighting the villians.. I was totally convinced that no one but Aamir is the only guy who could have done justice to this character. The movie is a reel by reel copy of the south version expect for the climax, and it was indeed a good idea to change the end the movie in a slightly different way. So much gaga over Aamir in the media these days.. hes the one visible on every channel and every show over the last month..

I had least expectations for our new heroine Asin who made her debut in hindi.. when I heard read that the same girl is going to play the lead in the hindi version as well, I was not sure whether the movie would turn out to be as great as the original one.. but the lady proved me wrong, the public was into laughter and whistles blew in the theatre during the time she was on screen..

Although, the villian should have been more powerfully portrayed on the screen.. but u know.. its an out and out Aamirs movie.. and its a must watch guys.. I am sure u gonna love it..