Thursday, February 5, 2009

More colors of Sikkim

Gangtok, the beautiful capital city of Sikkim. Unlike other capital cities you won't find traffic, pollution.. rush of buses and trains.. all you will find here is the beauty of nature.. mind blowing colorful buildings.. and greenery all over the mountains.. also, you can get a glimpse of snow in far away mountains and the beautiful Kanchenjunga range.. oww.. I still remember that view.. it was jus awesome..

Colorful buildings; Gangtok

Our tour operator suggested us to visit North Sikkim and visit Lachung (which is app. 9000 ft above sea level) , Katao Valley and the beautiful Yumthang Valley which they call the second Switzerland ( n it truly deserves to be called so.. believe me.. although I have never been to Switzerland.. ;) )

View of Lachung; North Sikkim:

I felt like king of these mountains when I was here in Katao (app . 13000 ft abv sea level)

Can you see the Kanchunzenga range in the backdrop. Place: Katao.

Yes, this is Yumthang, the second Switzerland.. no wonder if you think of getting settled down in such place..

Yes, that's Y for Yak.. remember your nursery book..!!!

So, howwas that..!!!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Colors from Bhutan and Sikkim-1

I wanted to post these photographs long back.. nyhow, lemme take you to some of my favorite and memorable moments of my last trip to Bhutan and Sikkim.. U know watt, I am emotionally attached to this tiny nation.. maybe be'caz.. I spent 5 most memorable years over there.. or maybe.. it was the place where I started my schooling.. yes.. and I am glad I visited Bhutan after 23-24 years later.. I wish I culd have visited my schools @ Chukha(Bhutanese school- I went there for a year.. ) and Tshimalakha( Kendriya Vidyalaya- class 1-3 :)).. I returned back with a promise that I will revisit this lovely country to recollect broken memories of my childhood..

Ahh.. 1 more thing, I forgot to set the correct date, thts y this wrong one came up.. nyhow the actual date was 10/12/2008.

Phuntsholling; This is the entrance to the Royal Kingdom:

Buddhist monastery @ Phuntsholling:

Hope you like them..