Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10681 Kms without..

yes.. without a DL.. haha.. its almost been a year i been riding my new bike and riding without mandatory documents .. well this is not an acheivement to boast abt.. i know.. this is not rite.. illegal.. but whos got the time in this world to get these docs from the authorities.. no matter u get 2 days off in a week but still u end up roaming here n thr in useless work..

i would end paying hefty due if i dnt get these papers urgently.. until then wish me luck ..

i have a tip for all bike riders.. never be in a hurry to cross a square as soon as the signal turns green.. ALWAYS TAKE TIME TO LOOK AT THE LEFT AND THE RIGHT AND THEN CROSS TRAFFIC SIGNAL EVEN IF YOUR SIGNAL IS GREEN.. the other day when i was crossing one of the squares, a volvo bus rammed from the opposite direction even when my signal was green and his signal just turned red.. the bus driver was in a hurry to cross the signal when it was his yellow..

so guyz, take care n drive safely..

till then chao..!!!